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NFT Services

LiteChain will also focus heavily on the on chain adoption of non fungible tokens and related services, featuring a native NFT launchpad and marketplace. The NFT field has mainly been missed by LTC holders so far due to limitations in LTC’s interoperability with the DeFi landscape, and LiteChain is here to change that.

NFT Launchpad

LitePad will also offer an NFT Launchpad service, allowing any development team with a complete NFT project to launch their collection to a wider range of users. NFT projects launched on LitePad will also be vetted, audited and KYCd by the LiteChain foundation.

NFT Marketplace

We expect the environment to flourish and bring several marketplaces from talented teams, but at the same time we prefer offering a native option that we can trust.
LiteMarket will offer users the ability to trade or transfer NFTs, research traits and list collections from projects all over the chain. LiteMarket will also support NFT creators through royalties on every sale of their NFT collection, allowing developers to have an extra revenue stream to aid in their project development.

Litecoin Name Service

Following the success of Ethereum Name Service LiteChain will also support a name service, allowing users to purchase custom .ltc domains. Given the large audience and market capitalization of Litecoin Litecoin Name Service could prove to be a useful resource in the future.
LNS will be featured and adopted in every feature released by LiteChain Labs, allowing users to get lots of utility out of their newly acquired domain.
.ltc Domains will have the following prices:
► 5+ character .ltc names: 0.5 LTC per year.
► 4 character .ltc names: 1 LTC per year.
► 3 character .ltc names: 10 LTC per year.
► 2 character .ltc names: 100 LTC per year.
► 1 character .ltc names: 1000 LTC per year.