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LiteVault is a Defi Yield Farming Aggregator and Optimizer for LiteChain. Through a set of investment strategies by smart contracts, PowerVault allows you to deposit various assets into smart contracts that execute automated strategies to achieve the best rewards across the LiteChain DeFi ecosystem.
In LiteVault, you can earn more of the asset you stake in it, regardless if this is an LP token or a single asset. For example, vaults where one can stake will result in more over time, effectively growing your share in the liquidity pool and thus allowing for more and more fees and rewards over time
Vaults are used to continuously invest and reinvest deposited tokens through automation to achieve high compound interest rates. Depositing through LiteVault allows you to take a highly optimal investment strategy while minimizing the associated gas fees and extra resources. A series of actions that harvest, sell, and reinvest rewards are automatically conducted with high frequency.